Pre-Recorded Project Walkthrough

In order to ensure our ‘End of Semester Showcase’ goes smoothly, we will be using pre-recorded videos to demo the projects. This is to ensure that last minute bugs or connection errors don’t prevent your project from appearing in its best light. You can decide whether you’d like to pre-record your audio ahead of time, or if you would prefer to talk over your video live the day of.

Videos should be about 5 minutes long and can be submitted as a link to dropbox, drive (you should have free access to dropbox through CUNY).

You must submit a link to a pre-recorded video by Friday 12/11 !

If you continue making making changes and want to update your video after 12/11, you have until Monday 12/14 to share a new link. (Please note that if you do this, let me know so that I can download the newest version.)